Anti-Human Trafficking and Situational Awareness Workshop


" Interactive Forum On Sex and Human Trafficking "


 Sunday  December 15, 2019 at 2pm at Boxers Rebellion Academy 

( 856 S. State  street, Jackson, MS ) Next door to Taboo Pole & Fitness, behind the  old Mardi Gras building.

Purpose: To provide women with information needed to protect themselves and their children around

1. Human Trafficking ( New Form of Slavery)

2. Sex trafficking ( Kidnapped, drugged, and forced to have sex )

3. Organ Harvesting ( Killed and organs removed to be sold )

4. Hot spots in MS and surrounding areas to be aware of.

5. How to prevent this from happening to you.

Presenters :

1. Sex Trafficking = Deputy Helen Brown of HCSO

2. How Not To Be Come A Victim = Former Asst Chief / 

Trainer Juan Cloy of Justice Training Institute

3. How to defend yourself = Corp Jeremy Gordon of JPD and Head Instructor of GTS (Gordon Tactical Systems)

DRESS COMFORTABLE, Be serious and prepared to learn. 

Your life could depend on it.

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