Lead Instructor Juan Cloy


Mr. Cloy has over 24 years of law enforcement experience.  He has been an Law Enforcement instructor since 1999.  Mr. Cloy has worked in almost every facet of law enforcement such as; Patrol, Narcotics, Robbery/Homicide, Major Crimes and SWAT. He has been a Chief of Police, FBI Task Force Agent and Certified FBI Undercover Agent.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections and a Master's Degree in Criminology and Justice Services.   He is an Expert Witness in Policy and Tactics as well as a national Instructor approved by the Department of Justice, Community Organizer and Public Speaker.

Over the past 15 years he  has had the privilege of traveling the country and training Police Officers, School Resource Officers and Corrections Officers in subjects such as: Implicit Bias, Narcotics Ops, Ethics, Trauma Informed Response, Officer Response to Stress and a host of other topics.

As an FBI Undercover Agent, he has worked assignments across the country, primarily in California and Texas.  Mr. Cloy has investigated Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations, authored T-III's (wire tapes), fabricated undercover vehicles with hidden compartments and rescued citizens kidnapped by narcotics traffickers. 

He has conducted Town Hall meetings involving citizens, law enforcement and command staff  designed to bridge the communication gap and improve relations. Some of the cities that he has worked in were having extremely difficult police and community issues that had resulted in civil uprisings. One city's issues, Sacramento, Ca. were regularly featured on CNN for months.

He has  trained officers and command staff at (Compton SDPD) Compton, Ca., (Sacramento PD and Sacramento S.O.) Sacramento Ca., (Auburn PD) Auburn, Me., (Norman PD) Norman, Ok., (Albuquerque PD) Albuquerque, Nm.,  (Adams Cty. S.O.) Adams Cty. Ms., (Tampa PD) Tampa, Fl. and a host of other officers and departments throughout Mississippi.